Customer Management

Customer Management: Provides all of the functionality required to address the full “life-cycle” of a customer.

Product Management: Offers complete flexibility in establishing and managing energy products, rates, plans and their availability.

Contract Management: Provides the ability to easily manage pricing,  enroll fixed rate contracts, renewals and reinstatements.

Document Management: Easily store, locate and attach any type of file from documents, TPV recordings, spreadsheets, etc. to customers or contracts.

Task Management: Contains a complete ticketing system  to assign “to do” items or tasks to other staff for follow up.

Billing / CIS / EDI: Seamlessly integrates with any provider.

TPV Integration: Facilitates the transfer of enrollment data and supports live representative calling, IVR (digital recording) calls, or third party digital signature capture.


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Shorten Sales Cycles.
Increase Deal Flow.
Lower Overhead.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Easy Implementation: That supports any enrollment process.

Dynamic Website Templates: Eliminate the need to develop your own website and is fully integrated with the ESCOWare CRM™ software solution.

Contract Audit & Approval: Provides the ability to review contracts prior to commitment reducing data entry errors and/or misappropriation of accounts.

Early Termination Fees and Liquidated Damages: Automatically calculate and invoice customers in default of contracts.